Abortion Pills

Abortion Pills are tablets that end a pregnancy by blocking the female hormone called Progesterone. Without progesterone a pregnancy cannot survive.

Safe Abortion Pills are effective in terminating a pregnancy because it looks like a miscarriage.

After the abortion we shall offer you womb cleaning pills and antibiotics to prevent any infections during the healing process.

Abortions that are performed with pills are also called a medical abortion.

How do Abortion Pills work?

Abortion pills Johannesburg

Approved Abortion Pills Johannesburg

Abortion Pills work by reducing the female hormone called progesterone.

Progesterone is the hormone that supports a pregnancy.

When blocked, the womb contracts and causes the lining of the uterus to shed. The cervix softens and bleeding will start causing a miscarriage.

Advantages of Abortion Pills Johannesburg

The Abortion pills are affordable selling from R550.

The Pills are effective during the early stage of the pregnancy.

For many women the process is less painful because it looks like a miscarriage.

You  can have the procedure done in your own privacy at home.

The abortion success rate is high ( 95% – 99%)

Abortion pills side effects





And diarrhea

Womb Cleaning

Womb cleaning is necessary after abortion in order to prevent infections. The clinic will offer you antibiotics and pain tablets.


You will be required to come back for a follow-up after for two weeks to make sure the process is complete.